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We provide comprehensive promotional services that will ensure high quality exposure to a complex and diverse market of music lovers. We work with all types of bands and consistently push ourselves to develop new ways to help you promote yourself.


You’re in a band and that means that money is probably tight. We offer a wide variety of services that can and will benefit any bands budget. We create high quality products at a price that works for you.


We love music, thats our life. Our goal is to use our passion to deliver the best possible product to help you further your music career. We are musicians ourselves and know how important your image is to you. We use our experience and passion to craft something truly special for you.


We are an artist promotional site that provides services that give unsigned and independent musicians a competitive edge in the world of music. The music industry is always changing and it has become more complex than ever for unsigned artists to get the attention they deserve. At EMURG, we help artists reach their goals of obtaining exposure and expanding their fan base by providing innovative services that will fit any band’s expectation and budget. Our team works one on one with artists not only to fulfill their vision as a musician, but create a working relationship that will benefit the artist for years to come. Are you the next band to EMURG?

Our Services

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

Let’s face it, social media branding is a must for bands in the ever-changing social media environment of Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s important for any band to have unique social media branding to completely engage their fans and make a statement.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Every band has a vision…let us help project that vision to your audience! Our top priority is to create and provide a broad range of styles that will truly bring your ideas to life. Not only do we design logos to your specifications, but involve you at every stage of the process until you’re happy with the final product!

Merchandise Design

Merchandise Design

Every band needs an identity if they want to continue to bring in new fans. Sure, your music is a great way to get noticed but your merchandise is just as important because it gives your fans a grass roots marketing tool to continue to spread your name. To successfully achieve this every band needs eye catching apparel to help spread their name. Let our team help you create the perfect design to be printed on your awesome new t-shirts.

Merchandise Modeling

Merchandise Modeling

If you are in a band you more than likely have a pile of merch ready to sell at every show and on your website/facebook pages. The problem is that nobody wants to buy a shirt when they see a picture of it folded up on a table, that’s where we come in. With our merchandise modeling service you pick out your favorite EMURGgirl(s) and we do a professional photo shoot with your merch that you can use anywhere and everywhere. Let our ladies sell your shirts for you!

Album Artwork

Album Artwork

Even though digital distribution has grown rapidly there are still the people out there that prefer physical media so its important to have a great looking product to sell your fans. Our team can make any and all graphics for your upcoming album. Whether it be just an album cover, or a full album package (Front/Back/Insert/CD) we can do it all.

Video Production

Video Production

EMURG's video production services are at the core of our creative and strategic service offerings for up-and-coming bands. Our video production team specializes in making content that is appealing, creative, and effective for a variety of media outlets. Similar to our other services provided, our main mission is to treat every client and video production individually, with the utmost care that will match the style and needs of your vision. Our team can create any type of video you are looking for. Drop us an email at the bottom and we can up with your next amazing video.


Our Team



Founder/Video Producer

Mike handles all day to day business and produces all of our videos.



Co-Founder/Director of Marketing/PR

Kyle is the Director of Marketing and PR for EMURG



Video Director

Doyle is the director for EMURG's video production team.



Graphics/Merchandise Designer

Ben is our graphic designer and is the owner of Blinded by Faith Design.

"You’re not making that much money off records anymore, so until people can figure out how to make a re-writable Hanes Beefy-T, merch is one of the last bastions of individuality, commerce and style that an artist has left"

John Mayer

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Interviews & Other Musings

EMURG’s Interview with Maximus Whyman of Among The Betrayed

For many successful bands, the word hiatus sometimes proposes a band’s needed time off from the music scene to refresh their creative minds, but for Stealing Eden guitarist Maximus Whyman, time is of the essence and he is wasting no time with bringing fans new music. In an EMURG exclusive, we sat down with the talented guitarist to find out what he’s been up to and what fans can expect from his newest venture, Among The Betrayed.

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EMURG’s Interview with Kenneth Nixon of Framing Hanley

“This album is the past 2 years of our lives and is every part of our beings…that’s what the title means,” claims frontman Kenneth Nixon in reference to Framing Hanley’s newest album, “The Sum of Who We Are” which is set to release on April 29th, 2014 on their new label, Imagen Records. During that four year absence, the band has accumulated a collection of new songs that finds the band re-energized and ready to show fans that they are back and better than ever. EMURG had the privilege to catch up with frontman Kenneth Nixon and see what the band has been up to in this time, and what went into making their newest album…

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EMURG’s Interview with Ryan Star

He’s been given the title, “The alt-rock Frank Ocean”, with his music being featured in countless hit films and on popular TV shows such as P.S. I Love You and The Vampire Diaries. Musician Ryan Star is not your average musician with his previous album 11:59 coming in at number ten on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums. As a follow up to this highly successful album, Ryan Star is proving that he is a force in the music industry that is setting a precedent as to how listeners should experience music with his newest album ANGELS + ANIMALS. EMURG recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan to find out who he is as an artist and his recent album release.

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EMURG’s Interview with KT Paige of Romantic Rebel

” I don’t just talk to the crowd. I command the crowd”, claims front woman KT Page. The energetic lead singer has a lot to be proud of when it comes to fronting her band Romantic Rebel as the band is set to release their self-titled album on April 29th, 2014. Being no stranger to the highly competitive music scene, KT & company have done their time and are ready to take their game to the next level, but who exactly is Romantic Rebel? In this exclusive interview, EMURG finds out how this emerging band is not only commanding audiences, but how they are bringing a new type of energy to the face of rock. Call to help you hire and help you lift your things.. Just do not drink while driving, read this article to learn more –

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Unsung Heroes: Chris Shy of White Noise Owl

In our continuing Unsung Heroes series, we probe into the mind of guitarist Chris Shy of White Noise Owl. On the verge of their latest release, Until We Meet Again, Chris and company are putting a new twist on how we listen to music. But who is Chris Shy? In the latest installment of our series, EMURG finds out what makes Chris not only an intricate part of White Noise Owl, but in the music scene as well.

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EMURG’s Interview with Pete Murray of White Noise Owl

In another EMURG exclusive, we had the distinct honor to speak with lead vocalist, Pete Murray, who has fronted such bands of Ultraspank and Lo-Pro, but recently the singer has dived head first into a new project entitled, White Noise Owl. In this interview, EMURG catches up with Pete about the new band and  his experiences as a prominent vocalist in the ever-growing music industry.

EMURG: Who is White Noise Owl? How did this band come to be?

Pete: WNO is Pete Murray on vocals, Chris Shy on Guitars, John Fahnestock on bass and Will Hunt on drums. Chris Shy really started the engine on this project. He and I talked about writing some music together and we fell into a pretty painless and exciting creative groove rather quickly. The stars magically aligned and we somehow found ourselves in the studio with Will, John and Ben Grosse.

EMURG: How does this band differ from your previous bands such as Lo-Pro or Ultraspank?

Pete: Musically it’s very different which is what drew me right in. I am not me at my best when I feel like the energizer bunny stuck in a corner banging my head into a wall over and over. I learned a lot in Lo-Pro and Ultraspank and I’m very proud of those bands but it’s important for me to continue to grow and evolve as an artist. This project is still heavy but in a new way for me.

EMURG: What made you decide to form this band with Chris Shy?

Pete: Bottom line for me is that I love to make music. I’ve had some tough luck in the music business over the years but at the end of the day I love to sing and write and I’ve never stopped. I love the creative process. The studio was always my favorite part. Chris and I talked on the phone and worked together writing the songs but didn’t meet in person until the night before we started recording. Luckily he was just as cool in person.

EMURG: What was it like working with renowned producer and mixer Ben Grosse? How did he contribute to White Noise Owl’s sound during the production of, “Until We Meet Again”?

Pete: Ben was my first choice to produce Lo-Pro’s debut album but the universe had other plans. I honestly had let go of ever getting back into a big studio with a big producer like Ben. He’s a magician. I love everything that he’s done. Sonically he’s a beast. The most important things for me going in to this were to have fun and to learn. This EP far exceeded my expectations. I fully respect and trust Ben so I was willing to take on anything he threw at me. He had great ideas and working with him was an amazing experience. Bottom line is that making this EP was blast. To me that is infectious and you can hear it in the end product.

EMURG: Why did you title this EP, “Until We Meet Again”? Can you give us some insight on the title?

Pete:“Until We Meet Again” acts in the same way that “Sincerely” is the closing of a personal piece of correspondence.  It was our way of authoring our name to the songs as a whole and the experience in general.

EMURG: What was it like recording at EastWest Studios where Tool once recorded?

Pete: Magical. I was floored the minute I walked in. I was a kid in a candy store. Like I said before, I love being in a studio and East West is elysium. That day was all about Will so I was really able to sit back and take it all in. I totally get off on the history. I remember all the hair on my arms standing straight up the first time I visited Sun Studios in Memphis. This was the same thing.

EMURG: What was the inspiration behind some of the songs off Until We Meet Again? Where do you get your lyrical inspiration when your write?

Pete: I used to be a much more reactive person. I’m really mellowing out in my older age and at the end of the day I’m truly grateful for what I have in life. I may not have achieved the level of rock stardom that some of my counterparts in the business have but I’m making more music than ever before and having 10 times as much fun doing it. I owe a lot of that to a devoted Ashtanga Yoga practice. Most of these songs are about the power of a quiet mind.

EMURG: The songs Feed, Are You Breathing, and End Over End showcase the band’s high energy and drive with crafting well written songs. What kind of impression do you think these EP will have on audiences?

Pete: I really don’t know how these will be received but I can tell you that these songs came straight from the heart and they were a blast to make. We wrote these songs simply because we wanted to, not because we had to. We’re all one viral YouTube video away from being irrelevant anyway right? Someone will catch their Cockatiel singing in the shower and we’re all out of work.

EMURG: What is your favorite song off the EP and why?

Pete: It’s hard to say. The opening riff of Feed is what drew me in to the project and it’s the first song we wrote so it has a special place in my heart but probably Are you Breathing? We threw the most at that song and I think it came out insane.

EMURG: What do you consider are the advantages and disadvantages of being a musician in an industry that produces bands that are “here today and gone tomorrow”. What has set you apart from the ever growing revolving door of musicians?

Pete: I can honestly say that I worked on these songs with no attachment to the outcome beyond the music itself. I really try not to focus on the business anymore because it changes every 5 second. I’ve been through a lot over the years and it’s always come back to the music. I remember being devastated when Ultraspank lost it’s deal but Neil Godfrey showed up at my door maybe a week later with some riffs and the journey picked right back up. I’ve continued to write and experiment with music because it’s what I love to do. Some people like to play golf, some people like to snowboard, some people like to sit in a tree and kill animals. I love writing music. It’s that simple.



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