EMURG Interview: Adage

Adage out of Winston-Salem, NC is a modern rock band displaying monster riffs and powerful lyrical hooks.

Featuring guitarist and vocalist Justin, guitarist Luke, bassist Johnathan and Alex on drums, Adage is engaging the music scene with full force. Recently signed with Pavement Entertainment and currently playing shows across the southeast, Adage is setting their sights to hit stages across the U.S., but who is Adage and why are they next big thing in rock music? EMURG had the pleasure to speak with the band and got an exclusive look into a band that is set to take the world of rock music by storm…


EMURG: First impressions are everything and as newcomers to the world rock, can you give our audience a little information about who Adage is and what makes you the next big band in rock?

Adage: We as a band have never really thought about being the next big thing honestly. We love to play and we love seeing people react to the songs we write. The songs are emotional, strong, and hopefully they display little portions of our lives that our fans can connect with. We are just a bunch of regular guys, who enjoy playing and writing music. If that ends up taking us somewhere that makes it easier to be the “next big thing”. So be it!! And bring it on!


EMURG: Your EP, “Defined” is a refreshing display of rock music at its finest. Can you describe the concept of the EP?

Adage: Thank you! The E.P was a work in progress over the years of life happening. Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it’s fun and exciting. And sometimes you want to scream at the top of your lungs. We tried to incorporate all of those feelings and experiences onto on E.P. That is Defined.


EMURG: What do you want listeners to take away from your debut EP?

Adage: We want people to rock out to our music, but also to connect with the songs. All of us have connected with a song at some point and it really helped us along our way.


EMURG: Can you describe what it was like recording, “Defined”?

Adage: A weekend of pure joy and exhaustion.


EMURG: What is it like being signed to Pavement Entertainment and how is Pavement helping you spread your brand of hard hitting music?

Adage: Being signed is a dream come true, and they are helping in every way they can. We are so appreciative of Pavement Entertainment and the love they have shown us.


EMURG: . What advice would you give to up and coming musicians who are trying to make a break into the music scene?

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EMURG: . What are your current views concerning the music industry and where it is heading?

Adage: In our opinion the music industry is still going through a complete face lift. Trends and fads come and go and just like it did before. Rock will come back with a vengeance. We just hope to be a part of it!


EMURG: What are your current plans for 2014 in regards to touring?

Adage: We haven’t set plans to tour until after our album release which is on August 19th 2014.


EMURG: What do you want to contribute to the work of rock as musicians?

Adage: A lifelong career of making music!


EMURG: Who are your influences and how have they helped mold you into the musicians that you are today?

Adage: Justin-My parents. I was always around music from an early age. Both my parents sang professionally and always encouraged my musical freedom. I always sang in the backseat of my parent’s car while they practiced their songs. I knew then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. From then on I found every opportunity to be involved with music, whether in church, school, with friends, or even strangers. I HAD to play music.

Luke– Honestly for me, the guys in this band have been the biggest influence on me to better myself as a musician. I have always attempted to be an okay guitarist, but with our music hitting the radio and having an EP on the market, it’s been a real wake up call for me to step it up and strive to do all I can to help Adage be successful! And I can see it taking place in the new material we are working on.

Alex– Other musicians are my biggest playing influences. My cousin and I have probably jammed over 500 hours, him on guitar, I on drums. It helps your dynamics, tempo and creativity tenfold. As for professional influences, my top 2 influences are Dave Weckl and Danny Carey (Tool). I’ve grown very fond of jazz fusion, and really enjoy odd time signatures and hybrid rudiments.

Johnathan– I started playing piano every time we went to visit my grandparents as far back as I can remember. During the summer time when we were there to swim in their pool I would go inside and play. Something about creating music was fascinating to me. No one in my family played any instruments so I was on my own to learn. I guess that’s where I developed the ability to “hear” what sounded good and what didn’t. I’ve never had a single music lesson throughout my life (even though at times I wished I had). I bought my first guitar at 19 from a local pawn shop and began trying to convert my knowledge from the piano onto the guitar. Over the next couple years I played in a wide variety of band, anything from contemporary Christian to folk and country. But I always wanted to be in a rock band, that’s where my heart was. I started searching and found an ad for a band that needed a bassist. So I went and borrowed a friend’s bass and went to audition. I got offered the spot but little did they know I had literally “just picked up the bass”. I’ve been rocking out on the bass ever since.


EMURG: What is the first single from the EP and how do you think it will connect with listeners?

Adage:  “Hold On”

Justin-I wrote this song with the belief that it will connect with people like other songs had connected with me. Everyone has been in love, and maybe not been the best person. So this song is the fight to leave that old person behind, and to truly fight to make a difference. It’s a plea for patience.


EMURG: Where do you see Adage within the next five years? Will fans have the pleasure of seeing a full length album?

Adage: Hopefully touring the world! The next release will be a full length album.