Five and Five: Riding Shotgun

Our very own John Solberg had an interview with Crash Harris and Ryan Blake, lead singer and guitarist of Riding Shotgun regarding their history, the Buckle Up EP and future plans for the band…

Part I:

JS: How did you come up with the band name?

RS: We thought no one man was in charge we are all Riding Shotgun in life.

JS: What artists/bands/songs/albums influenced you?

RS: Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Down, Guns & Roses, and Clutch.

JS: What are you listening to right now?

RS: Gallows & Mastadon.

JS: What’s your favorite show/performance been as a band?

RS: Playing with Default, Cancer Bats…the next show!

JS: If I want people to remember one song from our band, it would be…

RS: “Got Nothin'”

Part II:

JS: I really loved the sound and feel from the EP. Can we expect more of the same on your first full CD and how soon can we expect a full CD?

RS: We are writing now for the new album we have some really great things brewing right now. We are gonna be on tour all summer so this fall we will start recording. The new album will be out by the end of the year/early 2013.

JS: Are there any future plans touring Stateside and if so, where and when?

RS: Right now, we’re playing all over Canadian Music Week this month, Canadian tour this July, and heading to the U.S in the fall/winter.

JS: I thought the lyrics were really well thought out and introspective. What was the inspiration behind your EP, Buckle Up?

RS: We do what we know. We all took from our life experiences and wrote about it. Struggling with addiction, bad relationships, etc. We all wear our heart on our sleeves and people can relate to that.

JS: Who would you love to open for and why or who would you love to open for you?

RS: There are so many. Playing with Down would be pretty cool. Those guys have been around and seen it all! We could learn from those guys.

JS: What do you want new listeners to learn from Riding Shotgun?

RS: To be REAL. Be yourself, don’t let people tell ya what they think is right. Question authority and do it with class.

Really great interview with Riding Shotgun. You can check out their EP, Buckle Up, on Amazon. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot more from them.