Five and Five: Silent Season

Silent Season is in the process of dropping their debut album, Breaking Me Down. A little bit before its release, I had an interview with drummer David Pappalardo to discuss the album and their upcoming plans.

Silent Season is:

Jeremy Rae – Vocals

Brendan Sheehan – Guitar

Josh Thompson – Guitar

Andrew DeCicco – Bass

David Pappalardo – Drums

Part I:

CFW: 1. How did you come up with the band name?

SS: We were trying to come up with a name that had some meaning, which reflected the current music industry issues we’re facing. We feel that rock music is declining in popularity, but as a band, we are hoping to change that and help contribute to what is currently out there.

CFW: 2. What artists/bands/songs/albums influenced you?

SS: We’re all influenced by hard rock/metal bands like Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, 10 Years, Red, Metallica, and other hard rock/metal groups. No specific album but we are always influenced by what ever is new and in your face.

CFW: 3. What are you listening to right now?

SS: We are currently listening to Periphery, Sevendust, Emmure, We As Human, Eye Empire, Red, Breaking Benjamin and more.

CFW: 4. What’s your favorite show/performance been as a band?

SS: We recently opened for Falling In Reverse (Escape The Fate), Oh, Sleeper, and Skip The Foreplay at the Palladium Downstairs in Worcester, MA. This was an excellent opportunity for us to get our music out to thousands of fans.

CFW: 5. If I want people to remember one song from our band, it would be…

SS: Chance (Along with its awesome video we’ll be releasing soon)
Part II:

CFW: 1. Your debut album is finally upon us. I know I’ve been waiting a few years to hear it with the great songs that you’ve put out during this time period. How does it feel to finally have the official debut in your hands?

SS: Thanks for the compliment Chris. As a group, we’re excited to present this effort to all of our friends (fans) and family. It has been a long road in the making for this full length, but we wanted to put out the best material we could for everyone. During the writing process, we would add and remove songs left and right. We were maturing as a group and wanted to deliver the best product possible.

CFW: 2. Brett Hestla, of Dark New Day fame, produced your debut. How was it like to have a musician you regularly listen to actually help you along in this journey?

SS: It was a blast and honor to work with Brett, as he is someone we look up to coming from Creed/Dark New Day. We selected Brett to work on a portion of our album, because his style of writing and recording methods influenced us to head into a combined hard and melodic rock style. We also were excited to work with other producers and engineers, such as Alexander Hatziyannis from Old Folks Recording (Where we recorded most of the album), Brad Young (Underground Productions), and Jonathan Wyner (M Works). It was great to work with a team of people that have a great set of ears, talent, and dedication to the band. We greatly appreciate and are thankful for everyone’s hard work on this album.

CFW: 3. You filmed a music video recently. For what song was it for and how was the experience filming your first official music video?

SS: We recently filmed a music video for our song, “Chance” with Jessica Cook from Astropiano Films. It was an amazing experience filming our debut music video, because we learned how to interact as a group in front of the camera, and it was also great working with a video producer, actor, and video coordinator that had extensive knowledge in the art of music video/film making. We would like to thank Jessica Cook, Anthony DiBartolomeo, Shannon Carter, and team for helping us put everything together.

CFW: 4. You guys are all veterans of the Boston music scene, a scene that has a lot of history with bands like Godsmack and Staind. How competitive is the scene in Boston for unsigned rock bands like yours?

SS: Honestly, it’s very odd today, because bands in Boston are now heading in an alternative/indie direction. It seems as if the North Shore area (where we are from) is becoming more competitive for unsigned rock and hard rock style bands.

CFW: 5. What do you have to say for your fans eagerly waiting for the debut album?

SS: Silent Season would like to thank everyone for waiting patiently for our release, and for the continued support. We hope to see everyone on the road soon and lets spread the word of the new record! We would also like to thank Chris and for taking the time to interview and highlight Silent Season.

As someone who’s personally been following Silent Season’s progress for about three years, it’s good to see them finally release Breaking Me Down. I think rock fans will have no problem embracing Silent Season and their brand of “wicked haad raak”. Wabbit Season? Duck Season? No…Silent Season. You can check them out on their Facebook, Twitter, and their Reverbnation.