Five & Five: Bryan Crouch of Six Side Die

In the musical landscape of today, you either have to have the drive, will, and persistence to survive or be crazy enough to endure any obstacle. Luckily for Six Side Die’s frontman, Bryan Crouch, he he has all the above. After his rise to fame with his former band, Hail The Villain, nearly losing his vocal abilities, and nearly hitting rock bottom as an artist, Bryan emerged as an artist who is crazy enough to turn the music world upside-down on his own…and he’s only getting started…. Part I KC: What artist/bands/songs/albums influenced you? BC: The band that influenced me were all punk in sound or image. Speed, attitude, and lyrical passion are in my opinion a combination only found in punk bands. G N’ R were punk in the beginning and that is what started it for me. From there Bad Religion, The Descendants, Circle Jerks, and Green Day were all huge influences. Now I would say there is little that I gain inspiration from. KC: What are you currently listening to right now? BC: Right now I am listening to our demos! This is truly the record of my dreams and musically I can’t stop listening to it! KC: What has been your favorite show/performance so far in your career as a musician? BC: I would say on a large scale, Vietnam was the coolest gig. It was a tough 3 days of interviews and getting accustomed to the culture but a sold out performance of 5,000 plus people made it really worth it! Since then, the one I will remember the most was when SSD took the stage in Quebec earlier this year. Another packed house confirmed that I still had legs to stand on in this industry and all the guys felt like we had something truly special after it! KC: What made you decide to become a musician/singer/song writer? BC: I was a born to be on stage and perform in front of crowds person. I did musicals as a kid and I loved the rush. My first rock show I got spit on and booed off stage so I made a promise to not quit, sign a deal, and tour the world. All the bands that laughed at me never got out of the high school thing but I stayed the course. I’m really proud of that. Still goes for things today, there are many that don’t want this project to do well and it fuels me to succeed! KC: If you want people to remember one song from you it would be? BC: I haven’t written a song yet that I want people to remember me for but this new album will change that! Pushing the boundary of what we are all forced to listen to today is what Six Side Die will be about! httpv:// PART II KC: Since departing with Hail The Villain, you have faced many obstacles with nearly losing your voice, and finding your way on your own with a new project. Can you describe to us what you experienced in that time and what you have learned up to this point in time as an artist? BC: Great question! I don’t think I have ever experienced a time that I felt my world was crumbling down like when Hail The Villain fell apart. My voice was completely trashed, I was poor as fuck, my band accused me of lying about my injury and refused to wait until I got well to play shows again. So I learned to stand up for what I believe. That life goes on regardless of having to make altering decisions. As a musician, I got back to writing and surrounding myself with like minded people. KC: Where did you get the inspiration to create Six Side Die? What made you decide to move forward as a solo artist? BC: I never planned on being a solo artist. That’s not my thing. I knew after a few months that my voice was going to heal and that made me inspired to keep going. If I was going to do it, I was going to need a band and luckily it was easy to find the right guys to make it with. KC: How does your new project, Six Side Die, differ from anything else you have done? Are you the main composer and writer for all the material created? Are there certain subject matters or influences that help you create such dynamic songs? BC: Six Side Die is different because it’s free from egos and politics. We have no restrictions but we do have expectations that I think we leaned from the EP. Fans like fast, heavy, and deep lyrical content. We are a social media band that cares about everything our fans suggest. We are not a business that cares about money or how big our dick are. There is freedom to be great at anything when you do it for the love and only the love. KC: It seems that you are currently demoing new songs that have been posted on your Facebook page as of late. Are you going to release a full album and how do these tracks differ from your previous work with Six Side Die? BC: We are about to record a full length record. It is by and far the greatest material I have ever been a part of in my career. The last EP was just me and a producer writing tunes. I played it safe with my voice because I was unsure of how far I could take it and we wrote tunes fast and made sure to get a few good hooks. Fans were very supportive but they were hungry for the riskier Bryan and less reserved approach. This new record is a band writing songs and us taking it all the way. It will be incredibly fast, heavy, deep, disturbing, and infectious. There are no boundaries we won’t break to ensure the biggest and best songs get recorded. Our goal from the start was to write a piece of music that will be around for years to come, but one we will follow up by the end of the year! It’s all about the songs! KC: What can fans expect from you and your band in 2013? Will the U.S. see Six Side Die dominating stages throughout the new year? BC: Expect two records next year. Touring can begin when it makes sense. I haven’t heard a great heavy rock record in years. Lets us make that first and then the US will finally get a chance to see us at our best! That might sound over the top and cocky, and if you print it I’m sure it will, but I know what we got and honestly what else would you expect a crazy fucker like me to say?! Bryan Crouch has proven himself a true survivor who’s only just begun making a dent in the music industry. It’s always a pleasure to interview bands and artist but Bryan is a true artist that sticks to his guns. If Six Side Die’s first EP release is any indication of what is to come, rest assure that Bryan is about to unleash a collection of music that will drastically reshape the musical landscape for the better!