Five & Five: Kyler England

Since the introduction of, “The Other Side”, to our website, we have gathered some of the most eclectic artists that we think the world deserves to hear and know more about. One of those artist, Kyler England, has gone beyond what is expected from your typical artist of today. Since the release of her solo albums, “The Electric Hum”, and “The Spare Key Sessions EP”, Kyler has not only made a name for herself as a respectable writer/musician, but as an artist who is constantly evolving her sound and fine tuning her work. I had the chance to speak with Kyler, find out what she is all about, and how such a busy person can find time to write amazing songs. PART I KAC: What artist/bands/songs/albums influenced you? KE:  Imogen Heap, Azure Ray, Ellie Goulding, Postal Service, Patty Griffin, David Gray, Sarah McLachlan, Death Cab for Cutie, Jonatha Brooke, Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Travis, Sheryl Crow, U2, Joni Mitchell, Keane…and my band The Rescues. KAC: What are you listening to right now? KE:  I’m literally streaming clips from Ellie Goulding’s new album on iTunes right now.  It comes out in a couple of weeks.  Adored her last one, can’t wait for this one! KAC: What’s your favorite show/performance been as a solo artist? KE:  Opening for Sting and Annie Lennox in my hometown was pretty amazing.  But all shows where people are listening and into the  music are my favorite. KAC: If you could give emerging artist any advice, what would you tell them? KE:  Write write write.  Stay true to your internal compass.  And work really really hard. KAC: If you want people to remember one song from you it would be… KE:  That’s a tough one, I’d say a toss up between “When The World Stops Spinning” and “Simple Machine.”  They both deal with the big questions in life. PART II KAC: You are quite the busy artist with writing for numerous TV shows, working with your band, “The Rescues”, and writing for your solo career. How do you find time to juggle all these  responsibilities and how has it helped you develop as an artist? KE:  You know how they say if you want something to get done give it to a busy person?  I find the more music I’m making, the more inspired I am.  When I’m collaborating with a DJ on a dance track it gives me ideas for my solo project and vice versa.  If I was only writing for one project I think I would get bored and get writer’s block pretty fast. KAC: How did you start out and progress in your career as a musician? KE:  I’ve been singing my whole life and started playing acoustic and writing in high school.  It’s been a long road since.  I’ve just always tried to surround myself with people who inspire me and I’ve worked really hard at the things I wanted to do, be it touring, writing, or recording. KAC: Your musical arrangements on both your albums, “Electric Hum”, and “The Spare Key Sessions EP”, are unique and embracing. How does an artist like yourself create such masterpieces? Do you listen to other influences? Do you refer to past experiences? KE:  I owe a lot of the sound of Electric Hum to  my producer, Bill Lefler.  I knew I wanted to make an organic meets electronica record and I brought in all the songs and some initial demos with keys and drum loops and other records for inspiration.  It was a new palette for both of us so we just dove in, everyday in the studio was like Christmas, opening and playing with new toys.  He was like a mad scientist with the drum programming and synths and I got my hands in the engine too, I played a bunch of the synth bass lines and keys  We had such a blast making that record together! KAC: What made you decide to transition many of your songs from the Electric Hum album into acoustic songs? KE:  Spare Key Sessions came about as a kind of reverse-remix project.  There were several songs on Electric Hum that I wanted to strip down to their naked roots and see what different emotions came out in that form.  Dave Eggars did all the string arrangements and really brought out the heart in those songs.  It’s pretty amazing how differently the acoustic versions resonate, they’re like the alter ego versions to the Electric Hum originals. KAC: As mentioned earlier, you are a very busy artist, but what is on the horizon for Kyler England? What can fans expect from you in 2013? KE:  Well, I’m expecting my first child at the very end of 2012 so I’ll be in hibernation for a bit this winter.  But I’ve been writing a bunch this fall and hope to get back in the studio next spring.  I’ve been working on a side project with my producer, Bill Lefler…an electronica duo.  My band, The Rescues, has a new album out in January 2013.  I also have a bunch of dance collaborations with DJs that have been released recently including an upcoming one with a huge DJ that I hope to be able to announce very soon.  Stay tuned! I pride myself with saying that I’m a hard rock fan at heart, but ever since “The Other Side” was launched, I’m finding myself broadening my musical horizons. I’m very  fortunate  to interview such great artists like Kyler England because she is truly a talented artist that deserves much attention in the world of music today. It is her voice and determination as an artist that truly sets herself apart from many solo acts that listeners hear today. Be sure to check out her work and thank you Kyler for letting our fellow EMURG’ers get to know you!