Five & Five: Projected

After years of being in the successful band Sevendust, John Connolly & company have decided to branch out on their own and create their own brand of music with the band Projected. John was kind enough to allow me to have a one on one interview with him, to find out what Projected is all about, and what to expect from their debut album Human that will be release on September 18th, 2012. I had a great time speaking with John and look forward to hearing and seeing more great things from his band Projected!

Part I:

1. KAC: How did you come up with the band name?

JC: I always referred to it as the Projected side project and it had a cool ring to it.

2. KAC: What artists/bands/songs/albums influenced you?

JC: 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Dimebag Darrell/Pantera and being in Sevendust for 15 years. NIN, Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, Pink, Myles Kennedy and a healthy dose of LOG (Lamb of God) every day. Can’t say enough about how those guys influenced me as a guitar player and Myles as the all-around songwriter.

3. KAC: What are you listening to right now?

JC: Aranda, Meshuggah, Civil Wars, Viasava, Foo Fighters

4. KAC: What’s your favorite show/performance been as a band?

JC: We actually haven’t ever been in the same state at the same time yet (laughs), so we haven’t played any shows yet. Still too early to tell.

5. KAC: If you want people to remember one song from our band it would be”¦.

JC: HELLo or my tribute to Dimebag, 12804.

Part II:

1. KAC: Each individual in Projected bring their own style due to each member having an impressive resume with playing in multiple bands over the years. How have each of you grown from your experiences and how have these experiences helped in the creation that is Projected?

JC: I think the friendships that we had going in played a huge role because we didn’t stress over the music at all really. We just played what came naturally without overthinking things and playing with different musicians always affects the way you approach things. Scott (Phillips) has such an amazing backbeat/pocket and he really showed me just how bad I tend to rush and E-Rock (guitarist Eric Friedman) is just such a naturally gifted guitar player/singer that had a lot of amazing ideas and we just meshed well together when we were recording. He has a great pocket too and helped me relax my style a bit. Vinny (Hornsby) sits there too….I’m always on the front, and a lot of Sevendust sits right in the middle, kinda on the beat, but a lot of what Projected is is behind the beat, way back in the pocket and that’s my weak spot (laughs).

I kind of had a pretty good idea of what it would sound like once we finished because lyrics were written before we tracked, but the input from everyone else was a gift really; the ability to bring in these three and really let them contribute musically, which they all did in spades. There were always great ideas being thrown out by everyone and I guess I wasn’t so close to it that I couldn’t let things like that in.

2. KAC: Your vocals on this album are simply amazing. How does it feel stepping into the shoes as the front man for Projected?

JC: It was a little nerve racking only because I’ve been singing for years, but always behind somebody else. I don’t particularly like the sound of my own voice, so it took awhile for me to tolerate it enough to actually track something. That being said, it was a great learning experience for me and living within the limits of my voice was a cool thing to go through. I’ve really learned a lot about what I can and can’t do.

3. KAC: Is there a tentative tour schedule lined up for Projected in the year 2012?

JC: A lot will depend on the Sevendust recording schedule and AB (Alter Bridge), and Creed recording/touring schedules. Ideally it would be great to get out sometime in October/November but we gotta see if we can pull it off with all the recording.

4. KAC: What are your hopes and dreams for Projected for the present and future? What can we expect to see from you guys in the near future?

JC: Expect a tour at some point and hopefully we get enough of a positive response to do another record and actually write together this time, as a band. This is a side project really, all for the fun of doing it and our expectations were relatively low, but a lot of folks are really into what we’ve done.

Love to see us be able to take it out on tour sooner than later. Nervous about putting that side of it together, because I’ve never been a frontman, which is a little different thing than being a singer. Should be interesting to see where that goes (laughs).

5. KAC: We here at EMURG love your music, although there are some EMURGers that are still just getting to know your music. What do you have to say to them?

JC: Thanks for checking us out! We are some folks who’ve been around for quite sometime in our other bands, but had a tremendous opportunity to do this together. Hopefully you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it

Again, I’d like to thank John for taking the time out for this interview and we here at EMURG are looking forward to all the great things to come from you and your band! Be sure to check out Projected and this site for more updates!