Interview with Joey “Chicago” Walser of Devour The Day

In an exclusive phone interview, EMURG had the opportunity to speak with Joey “Chicago” Walser of the band, Devour The Day. In this interview, EMURG speaks with the bassist about his newly formed band, what it is like making a comeback from the now defunct band Egypt Central, and what is on the horizon for this newly formed band.

EMURG: Why did Egypt Central break up and how have those experiences from being in the band influenced Devour The Day’s determination and focus to create new music?

Joey: The break of Egypt Central took place in the beginning of 2012. We received a call from John (our lead singer) in which he stated that he would not be able to continue as our lead singer due to personal issues. At first, the break up of Egypt Central was very devastating because we had been writing the majority of the music for Egypt Central for a long time and poured a lot of our time and energy into the project. John’s departure from the band left us all a little nervous as to what we would do next and how we would continue. Eventually, it got to a point to where we realized that it was kind of a now or never moment.

EMURG: Did this turmoil of John’s departure fuel you and Blake Allison’s determination to carry on beyond the now defunct Egypt Central?

Joey: As a result of this turmoil, both Allison and I decided either that we could just end our progression as musicians with the falling out of Egypt Central, or strive for something more. I believe that the result of the break up drove us to develop Devour The Day and take that next step in our careers as musicians.

EMURG: There seems to be a lot of storytelling going on throughout the duration of “Time & Pressure”. What were the emotions like going into writing this album? Was there a lot a pressure on your shoulders?

Joey: It was mostly therapeutic to write this album due to all that was happening. We’ve basically wrote music for a long time and with the break up of the band allowed us to focus those feelings and emotions in a new direction. More so, this album really allowed us to explore certain avenues that we hadn’t had before with Egypt Central. I believe this is how we began to move toward the idea of Devour The Day. It was really about writing with honesty, passion, and taking advantage of the opportunity to start a new band. It was obviously terrifying starting out but I think in the end the turmoil we experienced in Egypt Central and writing this album was well worth the struggles.

EMURG: What do you want people to take away from this new album?

Joey: I want people to take away from this album that regardless of what happens or what you go through in life is that you have to be honest with yourself. You cannot not fake your life being something that your are not. After a while, that false sense of reality catches up with you eventually. I believe this album will also be the beginning of a lot of conversation starters because it covers a lot of topics concerning challenges that we face in life, the connections we make with other human beings, and how we treat each other. I think the main theme that runs throughout this album is the idea of never giving up and overcoming any obstacle.

EMURG: As a newly form band, what is Devour The Day’s main goal as a musical entity in the world of music and where do you see your band in the near future?

Joey: We’re going to be touring all over the country in the near future. A lot of those dates will be posted soon on our website at I think in the long run if my dreams where small as to “I want to make it here or play with this band”, I think in the end Devour The Day, we want to be like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but we going to have to work harder than ever before to reach that status. Quite simply, we’re not going to stop until we devour the day!

EMURG: It seems that Blake Allison has taken an aggressive approach with his style of singing, guitar playing, and drumming. What was it was like for him to step out from behind the drum set and take on the leading role for the new band?

Joey: Honestly, Blake has been singing, writing, and apart of the conception for Egypt Central for so long that I have been use to his singing. As for the aggressive approach to this album, there is really a lot of emotion that was pent up in him for a long time. As he started to write these songs, we felt like this approach was the most honest and best way to convey this album to our listeners. Blake wanted to show the energy and power that he possess as a musician after so many years of the guy being in the background while going relatively unnoticed. He’s been doing it for years and he’s an exceptional musician that far exceeds the talents of many. What most people do not know that the majority of Egypt Central’s songs started out with Blake singing the tracks. After he would sing on the tracks, John would come in and emulate what Blake initially laid down to begin with.

EMURG: If you want people to remember your for one song what would it be?

Joey: One song…..that’s a tough one! Our album has a lot of outstanding tracks in which it’s really hard to say at to what one is top notch. I have to say the song “Good Man” would be the song I would prefer people to remember us by. It’s our current single that is out now and it just hit number 35 on the charts. Most importantly, this song is so relatable because I believe people can connect with it on many levels. More so, people can connect to this song because they are sometimes afraid to admit that they’ve been at a place like this in their life. I believe this song will really connect with people and show them that we’re all the same and not alone when it comes to contending with matters in which we question ourselves and our morality as humans beings.

On behalf of EMURG, I would like to thank Joey for taking time out to speak with EMURG about his new band, “Devour The Day”, and their new album, “Time & Pressure”. Be sure to check their website for future tour dates. Also, be sure to check out EMURG’s review for their new album, “Time & Pressure” only at EMURG!