EMURG’s Interview with Maximus Whyman of Among The Betrayed

For many successful bands, the word hiatus sometimes proposes a band’s needed time off from the music scene to refresh their creative minds, but for Stealing Eden guitarist Maximus Whyman, time is of the essence and he is wasting no time with bringing fans new music. In an EMURG exclusive, we sat down with the talented guitarist to find out what he’s been up to and what fans can expect from his newest venture, Among The Betrayed.

EMURG: For many who do not know, you are also the guitarist for the band, Stealing Eden. How does playing in your newest band, Among The Betrayed, differ from your previous material?

Maximus:  I’ve always played metal, ever since I picked up the guitar when I was 12 years old. Among The Betrayed’s music has no boundaries, we play what we want and things come together very naturally. We are from the same town and have know each other since high school. Stealing Eden is different in the sense that monty and I joined shortly after they were formed and we were like the hired guns to begin with, then we ended up writing most of Truth In Tragedy.

EMURG:  What made you decide to form a new band? Can you give our viewers a little history about the band and how it came to be?

Maximus: We actually played together before but never took it very seriously. Monty and I started jamming in grade 11, we met through mutual friend. We both played hockey and loved the Deftones so we clicked right away. We played in a couple bands until ATB came together. I taught guitar at a music shop right out of high school and was substitute teaching one day when I met our singer Nick. Shortly after we were at a buddies party and he happened to be singing in the band playing. We snagged him that night and our mutual buddy was pretty pissed lol. We found our bassist Steve-O on Craigslist, the first guy we tried out!

EMURG: For this album, you worked with well-known producer and engineer Chris Hollywood Holmes (Veer Union, Korn, Ashley Tisdale). What was the experience like working with Chris and how did he contribute to your newest EP?

Maximus:  It was a great experience working with Chis! He is an easy going dude who is incredible at what he does. I’ve never seen someone that fast at protools. He also had some good arrangement ideas. His workflow in the studio is unlike any producer/engineer we have worked with. The whole EP was done over 4 days. We did drums the first day then for the next 3 days I would come in early and work from 9am-1pm, then Steve-O would track bass for a few hours and we would finish off the day with as many vocals as we could get done, without burning out Nick’s voice, then repeat. Everyone would be in the same room throughout the whole process.


EMURG: Your debut EP, The Need To Make A Change, seems to divert from your previous work in Stealing Eden. Can you describe the concept of the EP and the inspiration behind some of the songs such as The Need To Make A Change, Save Me, and the hard hitting song Cold and Jaded?

Maximus: We didn’t have any plan for a concept we just jam and whatever comes out, comes out. Those two songs started out as rough ideas that I laid down on my iphone in garageband, then we just jammed them out and everyone threw in their 2 cents and viola. 

EMURG: How did you approach this EP as a guitarist? Did you have a particular mindset with how you wanted the album to sound/feel?


Maximus: We are a metal band so it’s all about the guitar lol Joking aside we wanted it to sound and feel natural, no auto tune and no spending a year in the studio over tweaking something. We gave ourselves four days and that was it. If it was going to sound like crap then it was going to sound like crap, so we are glad it turned out pretty good!


EMURG: What do you want people to take away from your newest EP?


Maximus:  Music is emotion and we hope that it connects with people the way it does with us.
EMURG: What type of equipment/guitars are you currently for recording and your live set up?


Maximus: Recording and live setup are always a bit different. In the past I have used a bunch of different amps and a bunch of different guitars. I wanted to keep it simple this time. I use Prestige, and Jericho guitars live and in the studio. I use a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier as my main amp and I have a bunch of pedals however I usually only use a few for tone shaping. A Maxon ts 808 and  an mxr 10 band eq in the effects loops to shape the overall sound. In the studio we used the Kemper amp Profiler a lot with the Diezel vh4 model on the album.


EMURG: Vancouver seems to be a hot spot for new artists and musicians. Can you describe the Vancouver music scene and how Among The Betrayed is a part of it?


Maximus: Vancouver’s music scene is all over the place but there are a ton of good bands. There is a big death metal and stoner/doom metal scene and a lot of rock and indie bands. We don’t necessarily fit into any of those so we can play a variety of shows . We are in the middle, which is a good place to be.


EMURG:   In your opinion, what do you consider is the most important part of being a musician?


Maximus: Heart




EMURG: What do you currently think of the music industry and where it is heading?


Maximus: Everyone knows the music industry is messed up but I think it’s a great time for good bands to be heard. If you are unsigned and you get a buzz you can make some money doing what you love, which is a good thing.


EMURG:  What are the future prospects for both Among The Betrayed and Stealing Eden? Will fans see either bands touring within the near future?


Maximus: Among The Betrayed is just securing the final dates for a western Canada tour and also releasing our new EP on June 27th. Stealing Eden is on a hiatus and I’m not sure what is happening to be honest.


EMURG: As a musician, what do you want to leave behind for future generations as an artist in the music industry?


Maximus: Good tunes, good riffs and good times.